Found by Marina Security – Keys w. Anchor Float

A bunch of keys wth a floating anchor key chain has been found by Marina Security. Anyone missing these keys is invited to call the Marina Office with a description.

Pontoon F Lock Repaired

The lock on the gate at the entrance to Pontoon F has been repaired. Owners of yachts berthed on Pontoon F should use the key fobs to enter and exit, although of course Marina Security guards will be pleased to assist if necessary.

Skips and Waste Disposal

Yacht owners are respectfully reminded that the skips at the entrance to each Pontoon are for disposal of domestic garbage from yachts berthed within the Marina ONLY. To avoid the embarassment of being reported to the Police for dumping, please do not use the skips to dispose of  garbage from your home.  Creek Developments plc is grateful to have the wholehearted support of Msida Police, and with their help and the co-operation of all the marina users, the Msida and Ta’Xbiex Marina will be a cleaner, safer and more pleasant environment.

New Lock on Pontoon H

Pontoon H has a new lock. Owners of yachts berthed on Pontoon H are invited to collect a new key from the Marina Office or arrange to collect one from Marina Security.

Lost and Found

The Marina Office has a collection of keys and other small items found on the pontoons (and sometimes on the seabed). Individuals are invited to call the office with a description of any lost items, and we will try to re-unite you with your property!

Waste Oil Drums

The Waste Oil Drums are for the convenience of all Marina users, please respect your fellow yacht owners and the environment and use them appropriately. Do not dispose of oil filters, oily rags, domestic garbage, nappies or anything other than used engine oil from yachts, in the waste oil drums. Anyone witnessing inappropriate use of the waste oil drums is requested to immediately inform the Marina office on 21337049.