Pet Travel 2013

Taking your pets abroad with you this summer? The forms and regulations can be downloaded from the visitor information page.  It’s not just for visitors!

Launching – Posted 21/03/2013

Kindly inform the Marina Office 3 days before launching, to ensure that there is time to clear your berth and check the ropes.

13/03/2013 – Extreme Weather Warning

Gale force and severe gale force, west and northwesterly winds are expected from early tomorrow morning to late Friday. A strong surge is expected. Yacht owners are advised to check, and keep checking, that their yachts are properly secured and fenders are in place, and that all loose items are stowed away.

Marina Office Closing Dates

The Marina Office will be closed on the 9th and 11th March 2013. Normal office hours resume on the 12th March 2013.  For emergencies when the office is closed, call Marina Security on 7933 7249, 24 hours.


Pontoon D – 4/03/2013

Pontoon D is now complete and the marina office will be contacting yacht owners to move back to their berths over the coming days, weather permitting.  Please do not move until contacted by the office.

Strong Wind Warning 5/03/2013

Strong southeasterly winds are expected over the next two days, with the worst of the wind due in the early hours of tomrrow morning. Yacht owners are advised to check their boats are securely tied, fenders are in place, and  canopies and sails are properly stowed.