Cushions found 22/05/2013

Cushions were found floating in the sea by Pontoon D on 22/05/2013. View a picture of the cushions on the Creek Developments Plc Facebook Page. If you are missing the cushions, kindly claim them from the marina office.

Strong Wind Warning 22/05/2013

The forecast is for strong winds Southwest force 6 and veering Westerly force 7 locally force 8 by evening, peaking late tonight. Boat owners should keep checking on their boats to ensure that ropes are tied properly, fenders are in place and that there are no loose sails or canopies.

Pontoon Gate Padlocks 13/05/2013

As of 13/05/2013, and until the locks are completely installed on all gates, the pontoon gates will be padlocked between midnight and 06:00 hours. Yacht owners wishing to access or exit the pontoons while the gates are locked, are invited to call Marina Security on 7933 7249 at any time.