Warning – Silt Curtain in Place

Marina users are advised that there is a silt curtain in place between the Breakwater and Pontoon O, marked by yellow buoys on the surface. No navigation is permitted within this zone, and yachts owners are instructed to keep well clear and navigate at slow speeds.

23/04/2012 – Marina Refurbishment Started

Work on the replacement of the pontoons and the refurbishment of the marina started today, 23rd April 2012. The first pontoon to be replaced will be pontoon O. Marina users berthed on other pontoons will be contacted well in advance of scheduled work. As always, yacht owners going abroad or who will be otherwise unavailable, must leave contact details at the marina office for a caretaker who is able to move their yacht in an emergency.

Keys Found By Pontoon N 18/04/2012

A set of keys with a floating pink key chain has been found by the entrance to Pontoon N. To claim these keys, kindly enquire at the Marina Office on 2133 7049.

Launch Dates – Posted 13/04/2012

Yacht owners are requested to notify the marina office of planned launch dates at least four days before launching, to ensure that the berth is vacant. This is particularly important during the marina renovation, since many resident yachts will be moved around within the marina.

Website Privacy Policy – Posted 11/04/2012

Privacy Policy – Website

Strong Wind Warning – Posted 11/04/2012

Strong West and North Westerly winds are expected again over the next few days. Yacht owners are advised to check on their yachts regularly and to prepare for the wind by ensuring that ropes are tied securely, and that there are no loose items  left exposed, and checking that fenders are in place.