25/01/13 Strong Wind Warning

Very strong west and northwesterly winds are expected in the coming days. Yacht owners are advised to check their boats regularly, ensuring that ropes, sails and canopies are secure.

25/01/13 Pontoon D Renovation

Pontoon D will be the next to be replaced. The marina office is in the process of contacting owners of yachts on pontoon D to move their boats to an alternative berth in the next couple of days.  Yacht owners on D who have not been contacted are invited to call the marina office on 21337049 during office hours for information.

Pontoon G Complete 16/01/2013

Pontoon G is complete and yacht owners will be contacted to return to their berths in the coming days. Owners of boats berthed on Pontoon G are requested not to move back until invited to do so by the marina office.