Pontoon O Access Control

The access control system has now been activated at the gate to Pontoon O. To gain access to the pontoon, present the blue fob key (the same one used for water and electricity) to the card reader at the entrance to the pontoon. In the event of difficulty, kindly do not try to force the lock, but call Marina Security on 7933 7249 for assistance.  Note that the key fob must be programmed first at the Marina Office, before it can be used to open the gate.

Access Control Pontoon O

The access control mechanism for the gate of Pontoon O will be activated tomorrow, 18th June 2013. Owners of boats on Pontoon O who have not yet brought their electricity and water key fobs to the Marina Office to be programmed, are asked to bring them at their soonest convenience.  Note that the old black key tokens will not work with the new locks. From 18th June 2013, the gate will be locked all the time and owners will need their key to access the pontoon, or call Security on 7933 7249.

Notices to Mariners

Please see the latest Notices to Mariners 36 in 2013.  Search and Rescue Demonstration off Sliema Seafront.