Notice of Launching

Marina residents are reminded to inform the Marina Office at least 4 days before launching yachts, to ensure that there is adequate time to vacate the berth.

North Easterly Gale (Grigalata) expected 9th & 10th March 2012

Marina users should note that strong North Easterly winds are expected on the 9th & 10th March 2012. Marina staff will be inspecting ropes during the coming days but yacht owners are advised to check that their yachts are securely moored, fenders are in place and that no loose items are left on deck.

Foundation Members’ News

Calling all Creek Developments Foundation Members – You have important news updates on the Creek Developments Foundation website.

NTM #4 of 2012 – Chart Correction BA Chart 177

TM notifies mariners that the Fairway Buoy off Valletta Harbours has been re-established in position 35°54.748N, 14°32.511E (WGS 84 Datum). The flashing characteristics of the light are 1 L.Fl 10 sec. The height of the light is 3.5m, with range 2 nautical miles.

NTM #2 of 2012 Firing Practice at Pembroke Ranges

The AFM will carry out live firing practice all through the year (except weekends) at the Pembroke Ranges between 07:00 and 17:00 hours local time. Yachts are instructed to keep a distance of 4 Nautical Miles off the coast in this area.