Removal of Satellite Dishes

All satellite dishes and any other modifications on the pontoons, gates or quayside are to be removed immediately. Removal will be arranged for any items remaining at the end of August, and owners charged for the service.

Dog Owners

Out of courtesy to other Marina users, dog owners are requested to keep dogs on a leash or on their boat, and to clean up after them.

Dog owners are also reminded to ensure that their pets have plenty of water and shade and should not be left locked in boats or cars.

Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Oily rags, oil filters and jerrycans are classified as hazardous waste and disposal of these items on a commercial basis incurs a major expense.

Yacht owners are requested to used licensed mechanics and insist that they dispose correctly of the waste generated, or to take this hazardous waste to the civic amenity sites, where individuals may dispose of it free of charge.

Security Guards

To enhance the safety  of the yachts in the Marina, security guards are present on site 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. Marina Security may be contacted at any time on 7933 7249.

Electricity and Water Use

Until the installation of the new pedestals, water and electricity bills are currently being divided among the users of the pontoons according to the LOA and the time in the Marina.

Please be considerate to the other users of your pontoon, and do not waste water and electricity unnecessarily.  Under no circumstances should heavy–consuming items such as air conditioners be left running when leaving the yacht.

If you are aware that someone may have left air conditioners running kindly contact Marina Security on 79337249. The security service is available 24X7.

Berth users choosing to leave air conditioners running in their absence, will be charged a supplement to ensure that their consumption will not be subsidised by the other users of the pontoon.

Under no circumstances should anyone switch off, or unplug the electricity from any other yacht.