Manoel Island Yacht Yard Special Offer

Manoel Island Yacht Yard is making the following special offer available to all Creek Developments plc berth holders:

  1. Lifting and lowering by Marine Travel Hoist including shoring and underwater high pressure washing (Tariff rates at €50/m. Manual cleaning of heavy fouling, sanding and removal of hardware, rigging for lifting/lowering are not included).
  2. Ground Rent (including shore services) to be discounted by 50% to €2.75/m per week for up to 4 weeks and only applicable up to 31st October 2012.
  3. All other work requested during the period on the hard shall be carried out against quoted tariff rates.
  4. Owners to be allowed to carry out work below the water line.

VAT at 18% is not included

All antifouling must be purchased from the yard.

Contact the Creek Developments Plc office for further information.